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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Slow Progress.. Bimmerfest 2016 prep!

OK, so I have been now daily driving the car and I have to say its a blast! I have since my last post added quite a few goodies, including, new painted front bumper, Motion Motorsport underpanel, Hard Motorsport Front Tow hook, E34 Steering Knuckle, Dr. Vanos Stg2 kit, Vader passenger seat, OMP 4 point Harness, and Finally tinted the windshield. Its been quite an adventure but plenty more to come, Next on my list will be alignment, Tune, Brass Clutch Pedal Bushings, Rear Subframe Reinforcement, and Headers. Enjoy!!

                                                Windshield Tinted
                                     Vaders & OMP Harness Installed
                                               E34 Steering Knuckle
                                       AKG Brass Clutch Pedal Bushings

Friday, October 31, 2014

Long time Coming! Here come the Updates

OK, so I have finally been paying more attention to good old Bianca. Its been a long journey with this old Gal, but she only gets stronger every time. This time around, I replaced all of the front end suspension, added a new vader seat, reinforced the Front subframe, and now currently working on the rear end of the car by adding reinforcement plates and AKG Rear Trailing Arm Bushings. Definitely didn't come easy and was a pain in the ass to fit everything but it has come along quite well and progress was made. Anyway, on to the pics!!!

                                RTAB Pocket surface cleaned up ready for weld thru primer

                                Front End Suspension all buttoned up
           All new tie Rods, Sway links, and Meyle HD control arms w/ Bimmerworld TRACKCABS

                               New Vader seat restitched and installed

                                AKG RTABS Installed

                                AKG Front Subframe Reinforcement plates installed

                                Welded and Reinforced

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Slowly, but surely making progress..My build Pics!!!

OK, so I have made some great progress as I want to make this car stronger and more durable for track purposes so I started a bottom end tear down, not too crazy, just the oil pump shaft changed (compliments of Achilles Motorsports) new Oil pan gasket, cleaned and painted oil pan, new Meyle HD control arms and sway links, Bimmerworld track cabs, Tinted Headlights, new Lubro moly oil and Meyle filter, and soon to come reinforced front subframe with a fresh powdercoat, new reupholstered Vader seats and freshly painted cab interior floorboard. Trying to make as much progress as possible so I can begin to tear down the rear end for durability. On to the pics!!

    Tinted Headlights and engine bar hoist
Oil pump with Achilles Motorsport Chromoly shaft installed ready to be put back in
Oil Pan Cleaned up ready for install

Meyle HD control arms with Bimmerworld Track Cab Bushings
Meyle HD Sway links cleaned and painted brackets

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Well deserved update.. Track Prep and new wheels!

OK, I know its been a looooong time since I have updated this post, however there has been some big changes going on with Bianca. I have lots of little quirks to figure out still tuning wise, however, she's coming together slowly, but surely. I have upgraded quite a few things since my last post so I will post the updates and photos of the following. New wheels, wheel stud conversion, window tint, and intake boot. Hope you all enjoy!

                                                      side view
engine bay
 rear window
side windows

Monday, August 6, 2012

Heater Core Removal

Wow this was such a pain in the ass!! Tearing down the dash and accessories wasn't so bad, but the heater core itself was indeed a hassle. It literally took me about 4 hours total I would say on and off. However, I have accomplished such a feat and created a "block off" plate for the huge hole where the core once was and wire tuck. Now on to the plumbing, I have more to do still and a few parts to order, however this was its current state as of last night. I was contemplating on painting the dash a solid black however I like the two tone feel it has. I anticipate a weigh in and track run soon so this is going to be fun once I get everything in order. Interior will be finished in its "street form" until I can afford new seats and belts.

OK, So after reading a bunch of different write-ups and reviews on how to plumb the heater core lines I have decided to "loop" the cooling system, and it seems to work. Here's what I ended up doing:

It was fairly simple, just used a PCV Elbow valve and used some of the existing clamps I had and Viola! Now I have a small air leak that's bugging me ugh! Always something, Oh well, That's all for now, thanks for tuning in!!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Minor Update...

I have done a few adjustments to the car lately, I had a misfire on cylinder 2, but problem was solved, just a dirty plug thank god. I did quite a bit of weight reduction in the doors and took off all of the brake dust shields for a brake duct upgrade. Here is a few photos of what I have done, Plenty more to come. Plans for it will be paint and headers for a full N/A setup. Will have videos and photos of the setup with a dyno run I'm hoping. Anyway, on to the photos, enjoy!!!


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Finally, She's back! My E36 Test Drive

OK I know its been awhile, but I finally got my car from Oceanside Motorsports and I'm loving it! Feels like a whole new car all together, Still a work in progress, just working out a few bugs and wiring gremlins, but almost have them wrapped up then its off for cage and paint Whoohoo!!

Enjoy the video!